Pimple Treatment

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Benefits Of Pimple Treatment

The most-effective strategy to do about the pimples is to get the treatment done when they first appear. If not treated at the right time, pimples leave scars on the skin. With the early treatment, you can:

1. Get faster results :Pimple or acne treatment generally takes time to bring the desired effect on you. However, an early treatment effectively controls further breakouts.

2. Get blemish-free skin:Severe pimple breakouts bring scars on the skin. Treating them early prevents acne scars.

3. Prevent mild acne from spreading :Early pimple treatment helps you prevent mild acne from progressively spreading across the body.

4. Control your psyche :The self-esteem of many people is affected by acne, no matter how severe they are. They become introverts or undergo depression. Research shows treating them at an early stage can effectively alleviate these human feelings.

Wart Removal Treatment

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Types of Warts

There are mainly five types of warts that will be treated using wart removal treatment.

1. Common warts : These kinds of warts usually occur on hands, knees and fingers. These warts are mostly seen in children. Usually, they have a grainy rounded appearance.

2. Flat warts :These are flattened kind of warts, appearing on the smooth surface on the skin. They are generally seen on face, thighs and arms.

3. Plantar warts :They were predominantly seen on the soles of the feet, growing into the skin. Because of their mosaic-like appearance, they often called mosaic warts.

4. Genital warts :Since they affect the genital parts, these warts are called genital warts. These are a kind of STD infection.

5. Filiform warts :These are long, thread-shaped warts that grow on its own or a cluster on the face around the eyelids, lips, or neck. These warts spread very easily.

Mole Removal Treatment

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Types of Moles

Not all moles are the same. Here is a quick guide to the most common types moles:

1. Dysplastic nevi : Also known as atypical moles, these are generally larger than other moles with irregular shapes and uneven colors. Normally, most dysplastic nevi are benign, but they share both cancerous and pre-cancerous signs. Any changes occurring on these moles should be checked with a dermatologist.

2. Congenital nevi : These are the moles present on the body at birth or within the first year of the child’s life. These type of moles is caused by the melanocyte cells, hence more likely to develop into melanoma later in life, than the other moles. These moles need to be monitored as the child grows. Congenital moles usually appear in about one in 100 people.

3. Acquired moles :These types of moles appear during childhood or adulthood. Mostly, acquired moles are benign. However, there are chances that sometimes they can turn into cancerous moles as the person grows.

4. Halo nevi :A halo nevus comes with a white ring around it, which gives the mole the name. The skin around the mole loses its pigmentation and appears as a white round patch. But once the mole eventually fades away, the skin retains its actual color. These moles are benign and do not require any treatment except for cosmetic reasons.

5. Junctional melanocytic nevi :These moles occur from an accumulation of melanocytes at the junction of the dermis and epidermis layers. These are usually round, raised or flat with dark pigmentation. These moles are acquired between childhood and early adulthood.

6. Intradermal nevi :The skin-colored moles effectively blend in with the skin complexion. These moles are developed during the late childhood or anytime during the adulthood and are benign.

Acne Treatment Procedures

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Acne Treatment

The following are the different types of treatment procedures we offer:


1. SUBCISION In this, the scarred area is first addressed with local anesthesia and the bands that hold the base of the scar to the underlying structures are released using specially made needles. This reduces the scar depth.

2. PIXEL LASER RESURFACING This is a state of the art fractionated Erbium YAG Laser from world-renowned Alma Lasers. This works on the proven principle of ablative fractional resurfacing modality using the safest wavelength for colored Asian skin (as opposed to the more aggressive carbon dioxide laser).
Pixel is extremely effective in stimulating collagen production and improves almost all types of scars and lines. It gives your skin a dramatically rejuvenated appearance as it encourages younger skin to emerge. The color and texture of your skin gets rid of blemishes giving it the perfect makeover.
This is an almost painless procedure when combined with a numbing cream and can be completed by our dermatologist in barely 15 minutes.
Sometimes a special technique called Shouldering May be done where the sharp edges of box scars are destroyed with the controlled use of erbium YAG laser in its pure ablative mode. This converts the clearly demarcated scars into those with gradually sloping cosmetically superior scars, which respond better to pixel resurfacing.

3.DERMAL FILLERS :If you are looking for a quick fix, then this is right option to make you overjoyed. In this, the acne scars are filled up with Hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance produced in the skin. Hyaluronic acid may stay back in the place filling up the scars for a period of 6-8 months and later it is slowly digested by the body enzymes.
we use only US FDA approved fillers. Dermal fillers can be done as a lunch hour procedure with minimal discomfort under the effect of anesthetic cream.

3.PEELS:If you are suffering from flat scars or pigmented scars then the superficial peels are the apt treatment. Within 4-5 days, the top layers of skin peel off and reveal clear unblemished skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser technology is used to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs hands, underarm, and other areas. Laser hair removal treatment has several advantages over other usual techniques. The following reasons may help you consider laser hair removal treatment in the future.

1. Quick : Laser hair removal treatment is extremely quick than you actually think of. It just takes 20-60 minutes to perform the treatment on the bikini area, underarms, back and legs. Small areas such as upper lips can be treated within a minute.

2. Cost-effective : It is cheaper in the long-run hair removal. With the permanent hair reduction technology, the patients will no longer need to shell out money on razors, waxing or any other hair removing treatments.

3. No ingrown hairs :This treatment is probably the best option to stop ingrown hairs. Usual methods like shaving or waxing cause ingrown hair or razor burns. These can be avoided with the laser therapy.

4. Safe and effective : The lasers are clinically tested, and the technology used for laser therapy assures safety. The patients will see permanent hair loss after 3 to 7 sessions of the therapy.

5. Remove hair between the sessions :You can shave off the hair between the treatments to prevent scorching the surface hair.

Tattoo Removal Treatment

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Things No One Ever Told You About Tattoos :

1. If you are interested in getting one done for yourself then think of it a hundred times before you initiate as 20% of the population in the world tend to remove it.

2. The number of people getting tattooed changes as some dies; some are getting it done when you are reading this while some are getting it removed.

3. Tattoo is not allowed in well dignified jobs. In many jobs like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, Indian Defense Services, Army, Navy, Air force and some government jobs it is not allowed to have a tattoo. Some are declared medically unfit and are not hired because of their tattoos.

4. If the tattoo is not done without proper care and hygiene there is a risk of getting blood borne disease like HIV and other diseases like Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C etc.

5. The tattoos should be maintained with proper care and hygiene.

6. There is a higher chance of itchy rash in the skin due to tattoo.

7. Fever in some patients is noticed.

8. Some skin types get allergic to the ink on their body due to tattoo.

9. High risk of bacterial, viral or fungal infection is commonly found in patients with tattoo.

10. Some tattoo gets faded over time and are disliked.

11. An individual who once had her tattoo removal done at Dr. Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair shared her experience of changing her mind of removing it soon after it is done due to her working fashion and professionalism.

Skin Lightening Treatment

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Advantages of Laser Toning

The objective of this treatment is to reduce excess pigmentation in the skin which brings out a healthy complexion. This is also useful in removing deeper pigmentation and deal with tan thereby leaving you with an even skin tone. If you have any marks on your skin due to over sun exposure and other external factors then this is the apt treatment. The happiest thing about it is, it also helps in maintaining your skin in a youthful condition.

Pigmentation Treatment

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Major Pigmentation Concerns

1.Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation : It occurs when an injury on the skin heals and leaves a skin discolouration behind. Due to the skin inflammation caused by wounds, the color of the inflamed area changes into tan, brown or black. Sometimes, unsuitable cosmetic procedures can also lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

2. Freckles : Unlike other pigmentation causes, freckles may appear on the skin (mostly on face), due to the excessive exposure to the sun. Though they don’t change the texture of the skin, the freckles appear like flat circular spots in tan or light brown color.

3. Age Spots :Age spots commonly appear on the face or any other body parts that are constantly exposed to the sun. These oval-shaped age spots tend to be small patches, usually tan or slightly brown in color.

4. Melasma : This skin disorder appears on the face, typically across the upper cheeks, chin, forehead and upper lip areas. Melasma is called ‘the mask of pregnancy’ or ‘chloasma’ when it occurs in pregnant women.

5. Post-Acne Pigmentation : These are, as the name suggests, developed from healed acne wounds. It appears on the face after the pimple outbreaks.

6. Solar Lentigines : These are sunspots, appearing typically on the face areas with high sun exposure. They are usually brown in color with no changes in the skin texture. Solar lentigines are darker and irregular than freckles.